About Us

Sri V. Muthukrishnan is currently presiding as a Priest at Sri Sankara Mattham, Matunga,Mumbai-400019. He is hailing from Vedic family background. He has two elder brothers, who are also performing Priest duties in Mumbai. Sri Muthukrishnan has been involved in Veda preaching and other spiritual activities which are offered for the new generation since last 17 years. He has a wide knowledge of various forms of Worship & Conducting of Havans, Poojas, Yagnas etc. He has ample experience of providing spiritual services both at Temple and privately.
On the Professional Activites Front, he is involved in Purohitam (Priesthood), Japas (Prayer repetition as pariharam),  Special Poojas & Yajur Veda shuba Karmas such as Ayush Homam (Longetivity Prayer), Upanayanam (Thread Ceremony for Vadus), Nishchayathartam (Engagement), Kalyaanam (Marriage Ceremony), Seemantham (Baby Ushering in Ceremony), Gruha Pravesam (Housewarming Ceremony for new house), Shashtiabdapoorthy (60th Birthday), Sathabishekam (80th Birthday) and Karmanushtanams such as Parvana Shraddham (Annual Death Ceremony) & Hiranya shraddham (Without havan) and functions lined up from 9th day to 13th day(Subhasweekaram). Sri Muthukrishnan's elder brothers Sri Swaminathan & Sri Suryanarayanan are also abreast of all above Poojas/Functions and they conduct the functions as a group at times.
Special Services Offered :  To & Fro travel and complete event management for Shashatiabdapoorthy & Sathabishekam at Sri Thirukkadaiyur Temple situated at Mayilaadudurai, near Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu. Arrangement for Pilgimage Tour for South India particularly Tamil Nadu covering darshan of importanat shetraadams and arranging for Caterers & Decorators for all above referred functions with prior advance intimation of a month & more.