Important Dates


Dviteeya parardhe : in the 2nd half of Brahma's life

Svetavaraha kalpe : in the kalpa of Sveta-Varaha

Vaivaswatha manvantare : in the reining period of the current manu Vaivaswatha

Ashta Vimsati tame: in the 28th mahayuga of the current manvantara

Kaliyuge : in this kali yuga

Prathame-padhe : in the first quarter of this yuga

Jamboodeepe : this denotes the place where the ritual is performed. India which was known as Jambudeepa .

Bharata varshe, Bharata kande : in the land of Bharat

Sakhabde mero, Dakshine parsve : to the South of the Meru mountain

Asmin Varthamane Vyavaharike : in the current period now reigning

Prabhavadi Shasti Samvatsaranam Madya : among the cycle of 60 years starting from Prabhava

Nama Samvatsare : the name of the year in the 60 year Hindu calendar (current year is KHARA NAMA SAMVATSARE)

Ayane: Uttarayane (Thai to Aani - mid January to mid July) or Dakshinayane (Aadi to Marghazi - mid July to mid January)

Rithow : denotes the 6 seasons (Rithus) - Vasantha, Greeshma, Varsha, Sharadh, Hemantha and Shishira (two months will have one rithu)

Maase : one of the 12 months

Pakshe : either SHUKLA PAKSHAM (Prathama to Pournami - day after Amavasya till and including Pournami) or KRISHNA PAKSHAM (Prathama to Amavasi - day after Pournami till and including Amavasya)

Subha Thithou : one of the 15 days between Pournami and Amavasya

Vasara Yuktayam : one of the day of the week (Bhanu, Indhu/Sorna, Bhowma, Soumya, Guru, Brugu and Sthira)

.... Nakshatra Yuktayam : the day's star or Nakshatram. after chanting the above mantras, the name of the ritual is mentioned with their Nakshatra, Rasi, Name of the person and the function etc.

Paramacharya says the Sankalpam is a kind of record of what one is going to perform. It seems to be the forerunner of a kind of book keeping or the system of maintaining minutes of a meeting.

DARBHA PULLU Like Vajrayuudham to Indra and the trident to Shiva and the disc to Lord Vishnu, Pavithra forms formidable weapon in the ring finger to a Brahmin. Two pieces grass for holy ceremonies, Three for Pithru Karma, Tharpanam & One grass for Obsequies/10th day obsequies.